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Bait and Switch

So far this week, gas has hit $4.62 in my area, which is always higher than the National Average.  I'm sure it will continue to go up.

On the outside, the run in gas prices has had a negligible impact on me.  I've made some preparations.  I've helped my family.  I still drive, but as of now have only driven 52 miles for work...in the entire week, but I work from home or my family's homestead most of the time now.  I still have a nice paycheck, and I keep buying more and more things.  Honestly now, it's MUCH nicer.  There's no use in keeping the money, as in the coming months, money will most likely be much less valuable than it is now.

On the inside, well below my smiling polished exterior, I've turned...and I've quite possibly turned into someone that will further perpetuate the negative things some of you are experiencing in other areas of the country.  I've turned into a leech of sorts.

As I mentioned, I'm in Information Technology.  As I've watched my parents struggle in their part of Wisconsin, I decided that given the current situation, I have to grab all I can before it's gone, regardless of the expense to others.  My brother was in dire straights in Florida...I flew him up to my parents' house to live.

I've raped my existing customers, (who all trust me very deeply,) only staying somewhat true to my "bread and butter" client.  For that client, I openly, honestly, and cheaply implemented systems that can allow the entire workforce to work from home.  I even went as far as installing unlicensed software, as nobody is going to find out anyway.  Yes, I still charged them for it.  Lots.  The company went from 78servers to 15, with 2 more redundant systems scattered around the state.  As long as there is internet, the company will plod forward.

There are a lot of people looking for extra work right now, so it was very easy to find cheap white collar labor to get everything done quickly.   Project Managers, Programmers, Engineers...they are all clamoring for more work, close to home.

For the other, smaller clients, completely lacking any IT information, it is a very different story.  I am a one man source of disinformation, citing abiotic oil and every other anti-peak-oil reference I can find.  I've convinced a good portion of my clients that this is temporary, turning around in 90-120 days.  I've even done this with co-workers and friends.  I've gone as far as writing fake news articles, and emailing them to those that aren't blood.  I've spent lots of time on the computers and phones.  When things do get bad, everyone will think I'm in the same boat...so they wont' come looking for me.

In doing that, I've convinced them all to spend insane amounts of money on servers, software and other systems that will be large paperweights in less than 12 months.  Of course, I take a nice cut on each sale.  My newly found labor works very cheap, through the night, and I charge triple my previous hourly rate, while only overseeing the project...from home.   They are paid in cash.  I've made more in the last week than I have in the last 6 months.  I have 5 more weeks of work booked and payable next week, with a workforce of 35.  All projects are paid beforehand... and again, they trust.  I will make sure the projects are complete...but I have the money in hand while I can still use it.  I wish I had figured out a way to do this ethically years ago.

In this type of situation, which many have never experienced, people are more easily swayed.  There are still so many that WANT to believe this is temporary, that they will still believe whatever they are told.  They don't just believe, like you believe a lover that says, "You look great tonight!"  They believe like a hardcore right wing Christian believes in God.  Lemmings...they are becoming lemmings.

My only "justification" is that the money I have made is coming from companies.  It's all spread out across an entire board of directors, or a group of owners that are so self absorbed and so shaken by what is going on that they aren't keeping their heads about them.  It's Robin Hood Syndrome.

So, who is responsible for the situation we are in?  99.9% only need pick up a mirror to find the answer.  It's my daily choices...your daily choices...

The bigger question is, who is going to suffer as a result of this situation?  I can tell you right now it won't be my family.  I will do whatever it takes to protect them and get them through this. 




Either you're very smart & entrepreneurial, or you're a slimy ass. It is real though and most of us would do anything for our parents or families.